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Embroidery Digitising Service

Serving local and international embroidery service providers for over 15 years

What is Embroidery Digitising

Embroidery Digitising is the process of converting artwork into a digital file (e.g. DST, EMB format) using a software that allows embroidery machines to understand the needle’s path. This process is key to the quality of the embroidery work ultimately.

We have completed countless number of embroidery digitising work internally and externally for our clients. Therefore, we understand what it takes to produce a world class embroidery work. 

Embroidery Digitising

What differentiates us

Auto-converting artwork to embroidery digitised files from off-the-shelf software is no good at all. There are important details to focus on in order to present the artwork in the best condition. Factors to be considered:

  • Fabric type (e.g. stitches will sink into softer fabric which requires added underlay stitches)
  • Specific stitch type (e.g. tatami, satin) to match the design perfectly
  • Pathing / sequence of stitches in a design

We know what works and what doesn’t work after years of experience. We have great attention to detail and are dedicated to produce the highest quality embroidery digitalised file for your next embroidery project.

Let us be your embroidery digitising partner

Quick turnaround and always stand by for your next project
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